Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Disaster Management

Disaster Management




5 thoughts on “Home

  1. rasmus

    Ibu Rina, You clearly have a passion for logistics. What are you doing these days.

  2. Pak Rasmus…..thank you very much for visiting my blog. Well, more than 12 years with logistics so what can I say hehehe….currently I’m working as a Consultant with Nathan Inc. Btw, I saw your new pic in the FB, you look much younger :) and your girls are teenagers now…time flying so fast….Hope you and family will come for holiday to Indonesia next time…

  3. dear Bu Rina, your blog amazes me well…
    although i have not read it all, it was nice to see your blog… hopefully we could meet and discuss a lot about PSCM.

  4. Thanks pak Adian….

  5. Riva Munawati

    Dear ibu Rina,
    perkenalkan nama saya Riva Munawati. Saya bekerja di Lembaga Manajemen Kompetensi Nasional (LMKN). Lemabaga bergerak dibidang jasa Event Organizer kegiatan Workshop di segala bidang. Saya & teamwork sedang mencari Narasumber yang paham mengenai materi SCM. Saya harap kita bisa berkenalan lebih jauh lagi.

    Kalau Ibu berkenan Ibu dapat menghubungi saya di no 087885598023.

    Terimakasih atas perhatian & perkenalan yang singkat ini.



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